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Updated: Sep 25

Showing from Aug 26 - Oct 23, 2022 at the SPACE Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh.

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SPACE Gallery

812 Liberty Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

For the past few months, I've been painting away in preparation for The Pittsburgh Left showing, and it's all starting to come together! The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announced the showing the other day, and I'm honored that they chose my piece to display on their front page. For more information on the showing, visit: https://trustarts.org/exhibit/23712-2022/the-pittsburgh-left

I also want to give Tom Sarver a special thanks for putting this exhibit together and giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. Tom has been a great help and mentor along the way.


11" x 14"

oil on canvas

#painting #landscape #cityscape #exhibit

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Updated: May 5

Oil on canvas board

24" x 20"

First in an upcoming triptych. Stay tuned.

#portrait #complete #bodyimage